Many forms of physical activity such as outdoor sports, escape room, exercise and gyming help increase your stamina and make your body sustainable. Apart from them, you can also count on various yoga postures and movements to build your physical energy. As we know, yoga poses are an archaic set of complex philosophical practices that promote spiritual, mental and physical development in the human body. Rooted deep in Indian philosophy, the art of yoga calms your senses, relieves stress and reinforces the core of your body.

Yoga serves various purposes and everyone uses it according to their needs. For some people, yoga poses are all about improving their health and the functioning of internal organs. And some can rely on it to improve their body posture and gain confidence in their health, while some can practice it to increase their body energy and tone their members and their muscles.

So, if you also belong to the last group of people, here is a compilation of the 10 yoga poses that you can find useful to reinforce your endurance and improve the shape of your body via a regular practice:

1. Boat Pose [Paripurna Nawasana]

The Boat pose or the Paripurna Nawasana is a seated yoga exercise that increases the personal awareness of the practitioner and helps to create focus. It is an effective pose to counteract the harmful effects of sitting in front of offices and computers for longer periods. Known to improve your body posture, it also strengthens your core and increases the strength of your flexors and hip thighs. The pose helps you work on your abdominal muscles and lower back muscles responsible for supporting your spine.

Yoga PosesOften considered a mental test, it also disputes you to push beyond the heat and discomfort of your body, which allows you to stay bigger, achieve various physical activities gently and prevent your body to hurt easily. And yoga gurus often say that if you regularly practice the boat poses and you work on the improvement, you will start to feel lighter in your body, as if you sailed as a boat.

2. Camel Pose [Ustrasana]

The instruction of camel pose or the Ustrasana is a Backbend yoga asana that extends all the front part of your body. These are classes of Vinyasa Yoga and Power Yoga and are also a vital component of the 26 positions under the Bikram yoga. Made on your lap, you often use it as a session to prepare you for other deeper backbend poses.

This yoga poses extends your chest, your hip flexors, and your abdomen and quadriceps and improves the strength and flexibility of your spine. This creates space in your lungs and chest that helps improve your breathing capacity and beat various respiratory ailments. And the regular practice of camel laying reduces the back pain and neck that occurs in front of the computer for hours. Known to balance your fourth and fifth chakras, it opens your cardiac region and helps you become aware of your inner feelings.

3. Upward-Facing Dog Pose [Urdhva Mukha Svanasana]

The Upward-facing dog poses on the rise is a classic yoga exercise under the Yoga sequence of Surya Namaskar. It is a preliminary flexion pose that challenges you to lift and open your heart and chest. By doing this yoga exercise, you also lift your head and allow you to balance your posture and improve the overall structure of your body.

His physical aspects also help reduce your weariness and depression. Considered an energizing pose, it helps to stimulate your abdominal organs, lengthen your shoulders, lungs, abdomen and chest and strengthen your wrists, arms and verbal columns.

 4. Crane Pose [Bakasana] 

The Crane like the crow pose is a yoga exercise that balances the arm that challenges your body and ego. Despite the level of its progress, you can achieve this posture quickly by regular practice compared to other yogas that balance your arms. It makes a reasonable way to challenge and test the limits of capacity and skills of your body.

It helps you improve your focus and conquer your internal fears and restlessness. Since Bakasana extends its buttocks and strengthens its core, the upper chest, the back of the thighs, arms and wrists, is perfect to build abdominals and growing muscles. Create a section on top of the back and groin, wristbands and hip flexors, and, therefore, it is ideal for toning your arms and body as a complete unit. Combine it with the Bakasana raven posture and get better results.

5. Upward-Facing Bow Pose [Urdhva Dhanurasana]

The Upward-facing bow pose or wheel pose are advanced yoga poses and flexures which are intense exercises and are often found challenging by many Yoga students. Urdhva Dhanurasana is very effective in strengthening your back and spine, and also targeting your whole body by stimulating 7-chakra. And regardless of increasing energy in your body and curing mild depression, it also forms and supports your arms and wrists, the abdominal area, spine, and feet.

Because the lungs and chest are elongated and open through this yoga, it is therapeutic for troubleshooting such as asthma and heavy in the chest area. Often considered the peak of back-bending poses, often practised at the end of any yoga class when your body is open and warm.

6. Fish Pose [Matsyasana]  

He Fish prose is back-bending training lying down in yoga practice. In these yoga poses, the person lay on his back and began to lift their heart chakra by riding on their elbow and then pulling back their shoulders. As a result, the neck stretches, and the user’s head or crown points to the wall behind it.

When you practice and improve your movements, arches begin to deepen, and the heart and throat area open is more prominent. This yoga poses help you fight your body’s fatigue and fatigue and increase the flow of physical and mental energy within you. This applies therapy for many conditions such as constipation, anxiety, menstrual pain, and backaches. And many Yoga teachers believe that if you practice fish pose in water, you can finally swim someday.

7. Bridge Pose [Setu Bandha Sarvangasana]

Bridge pose or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana is an existing yoga pose. It’s easy for beginners to learn, and many people usually display it towards the end of the yoga session. It opens your chest and heart and warms your entire frontal body because it stretches in the process. Setu Bandha made a big pose to advance the backbends and stepping stones to learning other yoga poses.

It strengthens your hips and legs and massages your thoracic spine while giving you a feeling of luxurious tranquillity and inner satisfaction. And by practising this pose with movement and care, your body will eventually be revitalized and energized after every effort and give your mind and the spirit the feeling of inner freshness.

8. Bow Pose [Dhanurasana] 

Bow pose or Dhanurasana Pose is a helpful yoga pose, especially if your work requires you to remain glued to your desk and chair for hours without a sweat. Moving this backbend is perfect for increasing your posture because it helps you stretch your hips and thighs. Bow pose is also useful in opening your heart, chest, and shoulder, and strengthening your back, which in turn cancels your body’s tension and fatigue so that it is not silenced through the screen and table.

Apart from various physical benefits, Dhanurasana is also known to regulate your blood pressure and heart rate. It helps you relax by calming your mind and keeps your body down to earth and finally helps in giving energy and increases your body with positive vibrations.

9. Lotus Pose [Padmasana]

Lotus pose or Padmasana pose is the most known posture in yoga and is called a classic yoga posture. Even people who don’t practice yoga realize it. This pose is suitable for meditation and is often the beginning whether from many yoga sessions. Apart from these facts, Pose Lotus is a sophisticated yoga pose, and you can’t do it if you just started doing yoga. This requires flexibility from your side that you can achieve with regular exercises. Padmasana calms your mind and allows you to channel your inner Latin energy. It helps stretch your knees, hips, and ankles and supports your back and spine. And because it helps in blood circulation around your pelvis, it is also useful to reduce menstrual cramps and pain in women.

Many Yoga Gurus believe that Lotus Pose is a destroyer of the disease and can purify your soul and connect you to your true and strong spirit if you practice for a very long duration and seriously meditate without disturbing your mind.

10. Goddess Pose [Utkata Konasana] 

The goddess pose or Utkata Konasana is very similar to a squat. This is a beginner level yoga poses and is very useful for increasing your concentration and restoring your body’s physical and spiritual energy. Because this attitude requires you to focus your balance and focus on the bottom of the body, such as the thighs and toes, it helps tighten your lower body and increase muscle dynamics. It opens your chest and hips and helps your diaphragm relax and strengthen your respiratory system.

Apart from this, Pose Dewi also stimulates the cardiovascular system and your urogenital area and thus, prevents all urine or reproductive disruption. Although it’s easy and has no side effects, try to avoid Goddess Pose if you experience a chronic injury recently on her feet, shoulders, or hips.


Don’t expect yoga fruits directly and drastically on your body. Instead of focusing on the benefits, try to enjoy it as a soothing and spiritual art and connect with your inner voice in your session. It might be rather painful and difficult to understand at first. But once your body hangs poses and stretches, your limbs will automatically move smoothly, and the awkwardness around your appearance will disappear. And by maintaining your nutritional and hydration level, you can highlight a healthy life and fit in the coming years.